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Ms. Hill

What more is there to say? Lauryn Hill is highly regarded as one of the GOATs of the culture, so it’s only right that we pay homage to her and what she’s brought to the game. With this art piece, our purpose was to showcase artists that make R&B what it is today as well as highlight individuals that were highly influenced by Lauryn.


We coined this piece “JEFFREY’S REIGN” because as the name suggests, Thug has been quietly running things for a while now. 2014-currently to be precise. More specifically, with his latest releases “Slime Language 2”, and “Punk”. These two albums each earned him number 1 spots on the billboard hot 100 within the same calendar year, which puts him up there with the likes of DMX and Tupac. With this piece we wanted to highlight Thug’s eccentric perspective, with vibrant colors and an abstract look. His influence will have a foothold on the game for many years to come and he deserves homage for that.


What we tried to capture here was the essence of TDE, we really felt like their personalities could make great characters in a black Kung Fu comic book! Picture “Afro Samurai” from the “Boondocks”. Not much to be said here other than WOW! What these individuals have contributed to Hip Hop in the time they’ve been active is incredible and they deserve all the accolades. How many classic albums have come out of this imprint? Nuff said.

Mouth Full of Gold

This right here is our baby, our first official design as kādns. This style embodies what we felt at the time, just abstract, cloudy, dark dopeness. Who better to personify that feeling other than A.S.A.P Rocky? Rocky has always been a culmination of swag, style, fashion, rawness. Rocky is the perfect representation of Hip Hop in a refined body. His sound was everywhere at one point and arguably changed the typical New York "Boom bap" sound. To this day he remains a prominent fixture in the culture, despite not consistently releasing music.