About kādns.


kādns is the quintessential intersection of Hip-Hop and fashion. Founded in Alberta, Canada by four friends whose 10-year friendship started from shared musical experiences, this clothing line is cultivated on similar threads of connectivity. The vision of the brand is to bring the culture of Hip-Hop to people around the world through carefully designed apparel. Through fashion, we celebrate, explore and pay homage to the artists, deejays and fans that have found community in riding the beat, going bar for bar or just choosing the right fit and kicks to match their cadence. Whether you’re into that old school soul or you got a ‘thang’ for that new school flow— rocking your kādns should make you feel like Hip-Hop will always love you as long as you never let her go.


kādns is the phonetic representation of the word, cadence. It is to know instinctively how to intertwine your vocals with the beat to a point where the two become inseparable, also known as Flow. Why kādns?  Our goal is to build a brand that inspires you to move to your own flow, prioritize your individuality and live your truth, by any risk necessary.


Our mission is to narrate the culture of hip-hop through artistic fashion, in a manner that elevates individuality; to be synonymous with the classically modern in design and embody the personification of music as a leader in luxury apparel.


Thanks for supporting us and Hip-Hop. weār at your own risk!

Team kādns.

Dave, D’Von, Mo, Yousaf